Simple Study Tips

Whether your studying for a crucial final exam or for a math unit you don’t quite understand, we could all use some extra tips and tricks to help us to turn our ordinary grades into outstanding grades! I’ve compiled a list of things I do to help prepare myself for a tough test. Let me know if you have any strategies that help you to study and if any of mine may have helped you out.

1. Study right after school

You wake up, go to school, and take in that productive learning mood. Then, you go home, prepare some popcorn, and stream 3 hours of Ellen, This getting you out of that productive mood. After that it can be truly difficult to get back into the proper learning mood. Instead of heading straight to the TV try saving those 3 hours of Ellen for later and instead do 30 minutes to 1 hour of studying, it will be much less stressful.

2. Make a study plan

We’ve all been there, you forget about an important test and end up cramming in all the material at 3 AM the night before. My way of avoiding that irritating situation is to create a structured study plan. Simply use a weekly planner to plan out what you need to be studying for throughout the week. Make sure to start studying a week in advance, this will also help with the last minute cram session issue. You can find some gorgeous weekly planner printables here

3. Put an end to distractions

When studying you should always make sure that you have surrounded yourself with a proper study environment. Make sure to have a drink and nutritious snack by your side to keep you powering through the session. Keep away any possible distractions, such as your phone. Turn it on airplane mode and you wont have to worry about any pesky notifications keeping you from your work. You can also download applications for you computer or laptop to temporarily block websites such as YouTube or Twitter to stop any mid study browsing.

4. Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

Anytime I am required to memorize large amounts of information Rewriting is always my go-to way of studying. You can surely do this whatever way you’d like to but personally I prefer to rewrite all of my notes, then turn those notes into jot notes, then (again) rewrite the key information. For classes such as French or Spanish using index cards to quiz yourself on your understanding of a word,sentence, or question seems to also work very well for me.

5. Test yourself

I find that giving myself a review test at the end of each study session can help me assess myself and find out what I need to focus more on studying. Finish off your study session by closing your notes and write up a short test for yourself to complete, then next session try focusing on the things you got incorrect  or struggled on remembering.

6. Take reasonable breaks

Make sure to take limited breaks throughout your study session. It’s important to give your brain a break so it can process the information it has been given. A quick 10 to 15 minute break can help you to re-focus and concentrate on what you are doing. Continue to avoid social medias and your phone while taking a break, we all know that 5 minute Instagram check will turn into a 30 minute Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook check. Instead do something healthy such as going for a quick walk, tidying up your space, cooking a healthy meal, stretching or do some yoga, the options are truly endless!

Those are just the basics. If you’d like to hear some more let me know and i’ll be sure to do a follow up post on some more specific strategies that help me study.


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